Homestead Cookbook

Greek Tossed Salad

by Jessica Shelton 0

Sometimes, you just want a really tasty salad, am I right, folks? Don’t get me wrong; I am wholeheartedly omnivorous. I love a big, juicy…

Spring Vegetable Quinoa

by Jessica Shelton 0

Cheesy Green Chile Grits

by Jessica Shelton 0


Homesteader-cise: Lifestyle Health, Fitness, and Fun on the Homestead

by Jan R Cooke 0

One day a while back a group of us got talking about exercise, workout routines, and gym memberships. I listened and then told them I…

Mill-town to Mayberry

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0

Flowers and Horticulture

Going Bats! The Benefits of Bat Houses on Your…

by Patricia Halderman 0

Do you want to know how amazing bats are?  I hear you saying, “Why am I learning about bats on Homestead.org?”  What could they possibly…

Mineral-rich Weeds

by Lisa Maloney 0


Spring Turkeys

by Doug Smith 0

a Whether you’re a follower of the “Good Book” or not, the time-honored classic contains a lot of good advice for everyday life.  One example…

Hens Are Birds, Too

by Faith Drummond 0


Weird Things to Grow and Market on the Homestead

by Bonnie Lavigne 0

It’s a fact that, as a species, we bore easily.  Curious beings are we, always looking for the innovative and new.  This is especially true…

Becoming a Master Gardener

by Christi Sweaney 0

Frugality and Finance

Fiscal Fowl Alignment for the Potential Homesteader

by Andrew Mueller 0

 Five Tips to Get Your Financial Ducks in a Row If you’re like me, you’ve spent years wanting out of the rat race.   You dream…


Non-Electric Dreamin’

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0

Lehman's Store Serves the Amish, the Homesteaders, and the Big Wide World Jay Lehman had a dream.  It was a modest dream.  But the dream…


Ford Model 8N Operator’s Manual

by Neil Shelton 0

Perhaps you’re wondering what sort of character would write a book review about an owner’s manual. Well, I have to admit that I don’t have…


by Neil Shelton 0