Homestead Cookbook

Cucumber Scallion Dip

by Jessica Shelton 0

If you're looking for a creamy, yet fresh-tasting accompaniment for a party tray or just a quick snack, this dip fits the bill.  Clean, bright…

Cheesy Green Chile Grits

by Jessica Shelton 0

Creamy, Fresh Rhubarb Cake

by Jessica Shelton 0


Are You Cut Out for the “Simple Life”?

by Laura Negron-Valentin 0

Being a staying-at-home woman, who works as a teacher for her children, as a maid for her house, and as a farmer for her homestead,…

Basket-making Basics

by Catherine Lugo 0


Raising Backyard Chickens: The Basics

by Michael Schneider 0

Chickens are one of the easiest forms of livestock to raise and can be raised in many areas, including dense suburbs.  Chickens can be very…


Winter Animal-Husbandry Tips for Homesteaders

by Marlene Affeld 0

No matter if you are producing eggs, honey, milk, or meat, a well-considered animal-husbandry program is essential to the financial success of any homestead operation.…

Imperfectly Priceless Pets

by Lisa D. Johnson 0

Alluring Alpacas

by Heather Huffman 0


Pint-size Plow-horses

by Doug Smith 0

  I climb on the seat and ease in the clutch pedal.  Then I slip the choke forward, make sure the gearshift is in neutral,…

Frugality and Finance

25 Ways to Save Money

by Karyn Sweet 0

An early American coinage, the Mormon Dollar, in this case a $5 denomination, was minted by the Deseret Mint 1849.  Each coin was engraved with…

Do I Really Need a…?

by Mark Chenail 0


Turkey Day… or Should It Be “Corn Day”?

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0

I admit, I am very pro-Thanksgiving. What's not to like? On what other holiday can we get together with family, spare a turkey life, eat…


How to Buy a Pick-up for the Homestead

by Jamie Svrcek 0

or Looking for the Best Mule “He drives a ’57 GMC pick-up truck.   It’s got a gun rack and a 'Goat Ropers Need Love, too!'…

Health and Diet

Honey Health: Using Honey in Home Remedies, Baking, and…

by Karyn Sweet 0

  Dogs may have a challenger when it comes to the “Man's Best Friend" Award.  Honeybees pollinate eighty percent of the fruit, vegetable, and seed…


Snakes in the Ozarks

by Neil Shelton 0

I walked outside this morning to find my front yard filled with purple crocus flourishing in this balmy 60-degree version of February.  This inspired me…

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