Homestead Cookbook

Mushroom Risotto with Peas

by Jessica Shelton 0

  I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by this one.  I’d never made risotto before, and writing this cookbook gave me the perfect excuse…


The Day the Fires Came Through

by Colleen Armstrong 0

I found myself fitting in well to my new way of life: being a woman, living alone in the middle of the wild African bush…

The Missouri Journal

by Mark Chenail 0


Heritage Turkeys on the Homestead: Get a Load of…

by May Woodworth 0

What started as a seasonal endeavor to raise turkeys for meat, became so much more. It was a pleasure to cater to our seasonal visitors;…


Spring Turkeys

by Doug Smith 0

  Whether you’re a follower of the “Good Book” or not, the time-honored classic contains a lot of good advice for everyday life.  One example…


Brassica: The Queen of Greens

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0

I recently had breakfast with my three-year old granddaughter, Josephine, in a rather chi-chi diner of her choosing. When her pancake arrived it was garnished…

Frugality and Finance

Dumpster Diving: One Person’s Trash Could Be Your Treasure.

by Sherrie Taylor 0

  Dumpster diving has been around for years.  People have been diving in the dumpsters behind stores, near homes, in the neighbor's trash can and…

Homesteading for Retirement

by Brenda Curkendall 0


Letters of a Woman Homesteader 11: Zebbie’s Story

by Elinore P Stewart 0

Elinore P. Stewart’s "Letters of a Woman Homesteader" continued: August 15, 1910 Dear Mrs. Coney,— It was just a few days after the birthday party…



by Neil Shelton 0

  Like most Americans, I find it very relaxing on occasion to take time away from my regular work to do something at which I’m…

Classic Tractors

by Mary-Beth Woods 0

Health and Diet

Entering the Hospital: Some Facts to Know to Protect…

by Dr. Richard Monroe M.D. 0

This is the second article addressing medical concerns and questions in the hospital setting.  It is in response to a blog forum on the…


There is Only One Way, DAMMIT, to Pronounce “Missouri”!

by Neil Shelton 0

Alright, enough is enough! I've got to get something off my chest that's really been testing my patience for the last thirty or forty years,…


by Neil Shelton 0

An Innocent’s Tale

by Neil Shelton 0
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