Homestead Cookbook

Mushroom Risotto with Peas

by Jessica Shelton 0

  I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by this one.  I’d never made risotto before, and writing this cookbook gave me the perfect excuse…


City to Mountain: First Steps into Homesteading in the…

by Kelly Ramos 0

I am 42 years old, female, a native of the Philippines in Asia, and a recently-single mom of three boys.  I am an artist and…

Winter Preparedness

by Jan R Cooke 0


Show, Sport, or Squab: Choosing the Pigeon Breed for…

by Armani Tavares 0

Hopefully after reading my previous article, Pigeon Preliminaries, you’ve been prompted to look further into these magnificent creatures called pigeons.  In this one, I would…


Bad Boys on the Homestead

by Betty Taylor 0

  It’s autumn and Romeo smells like he just peed all over himself... which he has... for the umpteenth time.  The usually-white hair of his…


Easy as Pie: The Myth of Simple Living

by Sheri Dixon 0

To a generation who grew up on Lassie, Little House on the Prairie and Green Acres, living a rural lifestyle is about fairy tales and…

Frugality and Finance

Green Burial: The Frugal Funeral for an Ecological Eternity

by Doug Smith 0

We spend our life trying to get back to our Earthly roots, living simpler and off the land, recycling when we can, and doing as…

Will’s Good Store

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0

Budget Backyard Bee Box

by Andrew Botham 0


Bamewawagezhikaquay: The most famous person you never heard of.

by Neil Shelton 0

  I'd like to introduce you to an extraordinary life, that of the pleasant-looking young woman in the portrait above. On the one hand, I…

Victory Gardens: Winners and Losers

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0



by Neil Shelton 0

  Like most Americans, I find it very relaxing on occasion to take time away from my regular work to do something at which I’m…

Health and Diet

But Eating Healthy is So Darn Expensive… Isn’t it?

by Mallorie Flynn 0

Eating healthy nowadays does not have to be expensive. In fact, it can be cheaper and far less complicated than preparing food out of a…


My Guardian Donkey: Burden of Beasts

by Sue Dick 0

Here on Ivy Hill Farm there are two epochs: BC (Before Clara) and AD (After Donkey).  In the long ago days of Ivy Hill BC,…

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