Homestead Cookbook

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

by Jessica Shelton 0

One thing my long-time readers might know about me is how much I love soup.  I love eating soup, making soup, and dreaming up new…


Beat the Vacuum Tyranny

by Magdalena Perks 0

My sister gave me a beautiful Turkish carpet.  It was as big as my living room.  It was high quality, made my paltry furniture look…

Crofting Life

by Magdalena Perks 0

Flowers and Horticulture

Going Bats! The Benefits of Bat Houses on Your…

by Patricia Halderman 0

Do you want to know how amazing bats are?  I hear you saying, “Why am I learning about bats on Homestead.org?”  What could they possibly…

Thistle: The Pretty Pest

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0


Angora Rabbits: The Wool Industry’s Pride and Joy

by Victoria Varga 0

It’s no secret that the world’s softest garment fiber comes from a docile and adorable animal called the Angora Rabbit.  Quiet and calm by nature,…


Becoming a Master Gardener

by Christi Sweaney 0

The first summer after my husband and I bought our first home, I was very eager to plant as many lovely things as I could…

The Humble Hackberry

by Micah Janzen 0

Frugality and Finance

Homesteading for Retirement

by Brenda Curkendall 0

In readying for retirement, the world changed. As a result, we redirected our efforts into an endeavor which would mitigate the reduction of purchasing power…


The Origin of the Robin

by Neil Shelton 0

  The Origin of the Robin is a Chippewa story.  Schoolcraft said that all the Chippewa of her acquaintance said they remembered the story as…

The Fine Art of Moonshine

by Catherine Lugo 0


The “Swiss Army Knife” of Homestead Tractors

by John Molloy 0

What used to be pretty well accepted as “normal” life is likely where we're all headed—tougher times. Most people deluded themselves into believing that the…