Homestead Cookbook

Grilled Corn, Tomato, & Avocado Salad

by Jessica Shelton 0

  I'm attending a cookout this weekend and want to bring along a dish to add to the smorgasbord.  Since we have family visiting from…

Cucumber Scallion Dip

by Jessica Shelton 0

Cheesy Green Chile Grits

by Jessica Shelton 0


Waste Not, Want Not: Repurposing on the Homestead

by Adrianne Masters 1

Growing up in the rural Midwest, and being a child not unlike millions of others with a more selective than exploratory palette, I was reminded…


Surrogate Mother Hens

by Jenny Sanders 0

The iconic image of a mother hen, clucking gently to a clutch of adorable chicks, following her all around.  This is the stuff of homestead…


Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Complete Your Homestead with Milk Goats

by Anthony Okrongly 0

I don't think a homestead can be called complete without at least two goats on it.  Why?  Because goats can provide milk, meat, and money,…

Spring Turkeys

by Doug Smith 0


Composting with Worms: They Wiggle While They Work

by Kristin Mauer 2

  If you love gardening and permaculture, then you’ll dig (pun intended) composting with vermiculture!  So what exactly is vermiculture, and why is it becoming…

Poor Man’s Greenhouse

by Regina Anneler 0

Frugality and Finance

Go for the Gold! Panning Basics

by Jessica Shelton 0

  Panning for gold is fun, relaxing, and a great way to strike it rich!  Ok, so you may not become rich, but it is…


The History of American Homesteading, Part 3: Uncle Sam…

by Barbara Bamberger-Scott 0

"Come along, come along, make no delay, Come from every nation, come from every way, Our lands they are broad enough, have no alarm For…


Adam vs. the Post Pounder

by Sue Dick 0

  As far as I can tell, the blame lays squarely with Prince William of England and his then-fiancée, Kate the future Duchess of Cambridge. …

Health and Diet

Medicinal Herbs: Kitchen and Field

by Lisa Maloney 0

There's nothing quite like having the right first aid kit handy when emergency strikes.  But what if you're fresh out of Neosporin or don't want…

Got (Real) Milk?

by Karyn Sweet 0


What I Learned From Poultry

by Diana Barker 0

Remember that old commercial, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature?”  Well, as a young child of about 12, I found out first-hand why you…

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