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Matilda Jackson: Making a Home on the Last Frontier

Sometimes the best plans go awry, and for intrepid female Matilda Glover…

Barbara Bamberger-Scott Barbara Bamberger-Scott

Aprons: A Cover Story

Just when I thought that my one apron, Old Faithful was all…

Barbara Bamberger-Scott Barbara Bamberger-Scott

Woodland Traces

This essay first appeared in the Nova Quarterly, September 1988.  It is…

Mary C. Trejo Mary C. Trejo

Just Like Grandma Used to Do: Homesteading Role Models

My father was the youngest of seven children. He grew up on…

Bobbi-Jo Irwin Bobbi-Jo Irwin

Seeking the Old Ways: Sources for Homesteading Knowledge

Once upon a time, everyone could find an elder, even if it…

Wren Everett Wren Everett

Grandma’s Kitchen: Lost Recipes of My Childhood

I’m feeling rather nostalgic lately. After holding onto my Grandma’s estate in…

Jeanette Leadingham Jeanette Leadingham

The American General Store: A Cover Story

  Watch any old movie about rural life, cow towns, farming, or…

Barbara Bamberger-Scott Barbara Bamberger-Scott