Well-written Manuscripts Wanted

Make money from home! Homestead.org is looking for experienced folks to write interesting, well-written manuscripts of 1,000-2,500 words, for which we will pay $100 per accepted manuscript.  Manuscripts should also include several (of your own or uncopyrighted) photographs or illustrations appropriate to your article.  You’ll find our photo requirements in the Writer’s Guidelines.

If you think you can produce timely (or timeless), interesting non-fiction material, and would like getting paid for it, send us a letter proposing three homestead-related articles, any of which you could produce, along with photographs/illustrations, within two to four weeks after approval.  Make your letter short, but tell us the essence of the presentations you propose.  A paragraph or two for each idea would be about right.  We might ask you for a quick outline or a little more detail before we accept your proposal.

Please familiarize yourself with our existing content in order to avoid duplication.  Then tell us something we don’t know.

We’re looking for articles on homesteading practices, homesteading lifestyles, and homesteading-related history.  Read what we’ve already purchased, and then surprise us with something new.

Send your letter to Homestead.orgEditor@gmail.com.

But first, please read the Homestead.org Writer’s Guidelines.  They will tell you much of what we’re expecting.


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